Leadership Team

Meet the dedicated Team of SQL Administrators and BI Developers who are eager to help SQL Community in East Bay.

Yasin Mohammed, Sr. Database Engineer

Yasin Mohammed

Founder & President, East Bay SQL Server and Analytics Group

Yasin Mohammed has over 15 years of industry experience most of which has been on design, implementation and administration of large scale data systems. He has worked on various technologies and has deployed several medium and large scale projects.

He has extensive knowledge of Replication, Clustering, Table Partitioning and Query Tuning techniques. In his current role as Senior Database Engineer at Performant, he is responsible for design and implementation of scalable, high-performance, distributed data systems. He is currently heading a project to consolidate the SQL Servers on a multi-node cluster using High-availability clustering. He has extensive experience in (R)DBMS technologies and is Agile methodology adept. He frequently shares his knowledge on various blogs.

He also has keen interest in Open Source Big Data solutions including Hadoop, MongoDB, Vertica etc and is currently getting his hands dirty with “R”.

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Anuradha Somasekaran

Vice President, East Bay SQL Server and Analytics Group

Stay tuned for Full Bio of Anuradha Somasekaran.